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XTEND2WEB tsprotect

Electronic files potentially contain a great deal of private information about staff and customers, from Social Security numbers and salary to bank account numbers and medical records. State and federal laws place strict limits on who may access these records and the reasons for such access.

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Users

Unfortunately, in far too many circumstances electronic media is created and placed in non-secure locations. This is the case for companies using Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. This software requires users to have access to data locations in order for the software to function properly. Activities performed while using this software creates numerous files that are stored in these data locations. Any user has ready and available access to the files created such as inquiry and report results. This means any user could open and view information that should be secure as per the law or is considered sensitive.

This is a considerable exposure and one a company should actively seek to remedy

XTEND2WEB tsProtect provides a very cost effective solution. Go from purchase to production use in less than 30 minutes. XTEND2WEB tsProtect allows you to set policy for any number of folder's on your system to manage any file types you'd like. You can decide to have certain files automatically deleted, moved or hidden.


Bring your company into compliance, protect sensitive data and gain the confidence of knowing this exposure is being automatically managed. Your company can be protected in minutes with your purchase of XTEND2WEB tsProtect.